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World’s premier healthcare company to provide accessible medical, clinical and beauty products:
Surenhealth Company is a global provider of medical technologies designed to improve the health and quality of people’s lives. It was founded in Dubai by Dr. Adel Ahmadzadeh as the managing director and developed its activity in other Arabic countries. Surenhealth Company is today one of the leading companies there trading in medical devices and beauty products sector and now we honor to found and start our activity in Canada, Turkey and Belgium. Canada group works as the general department and Belgium, Turkey and Dubai group work as our distributor departments. Mr Masoud Mohammadi works as the administrator of Canada group and Al Matn general trading company works as our representative in Dubai city. Our company focuses on the importation and distribution of medical products for different parts. Surenhealth employees are united in the understanding that what we do every day makes a difference.

Customer satisfaction is our priority:

Today our product portfolio includes several exclusive general representatives of prominent
international manufacturing companies.
As a distributor of medical products, Surenhealth Company perceives its task as bringing innovative concepts and products to UAE from all over the world and providing doctors with the optimal support in introducing these techniques and devices.
We proudly declare that we can provide products with the best quality to benefit patients and healthcare providers, anywhere and anytime.
For 10 years, Surenhealth company has been listening and reacting to the demands of the
changing health care environment.
Our mission is moving toward patient demands and providing health care facilities that perform to the highest standards and provide a genuine value
proposition for their patients. With decades of experience in importing and distributing medical equipments, we are ready now to cooperate and provide your requirement all over the world.

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The health care industry is ever changing and health care providers are looking for better ways to efficiently manage the uncertainty of their health care staffing needs.

Births Care

a maternity hospital for birthing and postnatal care providing free support, care and education to mothers, babies and their families.

Brain Treatment

Brain Treatment

There are a variety of treatment options including clinical trials, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy that effectively treat brain tumors.



Also known as gestation, is the time during which one or more offspring develops inside a woman.

Disabled Care

Disabled Care

Disability care is simply practical help with anything from everyday tasks like housework and bathing, to assistance with complex needs.

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